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trimble x7

The Trimble X7 is a high-speed 3D laser scanner that has integrated HDR imaging, automated calibration, survey-grade self-leveling, and a laser pointer. It also combines servo motor and scanning mirror in one device. The Perspective of Trimble Software that is intuitive to use for controlling scanners, seeing 3D data, and processing it.

Powered by Trimble® Perspective, this high-speed 3D laser scanning system combines innovative technologies with the goal of simplifying adoption, increasing efficiency, and providing trust in the field.

Automatic Calibration: Have full trust in every scan with the first intelligent calibration system available in the industry. There are neither aims nor requirements for user engagement. reports of calibration that are generated on demand

Automatic survey grade level adjustment referred to as self-leveling.

Your field productivity may be increased with the industry’s most complete automatic registration solution, which is offered by Trimble Registration Assist.

The Laser Pointer is used to provide visual confirmation of particular points that are to be measured by Trimble Perspective.

In Trimble Perspective, georeferencing is accomplished by linking registered scans to a project coordinate system.

Where can I find out about the Trimble X7’s range?
0.6m – 80m
Range: 0.6m – 80m. Accuracy of the range is 2 mm. The range principle is a high-speed, digital method of measuring the time-of-flight distance.

The Trimble® TSC7 controller is a powerful all-in-one device that combines the capabilities of a tablet, laptop, and survey-rugged field controller. When used in conjunction with the Trimble AccessTM field software, the TSC7 provides the most recent advancements in field technology as well as optimized processes and makes it possible to survey in the field in powerful new ways.