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NICHIA 4.75W/5W 450/455nm Blue light laser diode NUBM08 High Power

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NICHIA 4.75W/5W 450/455nm Blue light laser diode NUBM08 High Power


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Type 1:Blue light/disassembling machine 1 piece

Type 2:Blue light/brand new 1 piece

Due to different computer display differences and different colors in different light conditions, you may feel a slight color difference. This is normal and does not belong to the quality problem. The specific and actual objects shall be subject to.




1. This component is sensitive to static electricity. Do not contact the laser tube directly with your hand without anti-static measures.


2. This product must have qualified driving circuit to work normally. The voltage and working current of different power are different. Or directly burn out the laser tube.


3. This product is a special product. Please make sure it is a good product before delivery.


Specification parameters:


Product name: Blue light laser diode


Origin: Japan


Output power: CW=4.75W


Pulse power: single >9W


Typical wavelength: 455nm


Working current: 3.0A Durable (4.5a pulse)


Working voltage: 3.7-5.0V


Working temperature: 0 ~ +70℃


Storage temperature: -40 ~ +85℃


Packaging forms: T05 (Φ 9 mm)


Working life: more than 10000 hours


Product Use:


The products are widely used in industrial, medical, military and other industries. Such as: laser ranging, laser pointing instrument, laser leveling instrument, laser line marker (casting line instrument), laser barcode scanner, laser level, power tools, experimental teaching, stage lighting engineering.



Warm Tips


1. The device should be stored or operated in a clean environment.


2. The output power is higher than the specified parameter, which will accelerate the component aging.


3, laser two laser belongs to electrostatic sensitive devices, in the human body has a good anti-static case can be taken out, anti-static can be used anti-static bracelet method.


4. The laser emitted by the second laser may cause harm to human eyes. When the diode is working, it is strictly prohibited to look directly at its end face.


5, the laser output wavelength is affected by the working current and heat dissipation, to maintain good heat dissipation conditions, reduce the temperature of the working tube core. Add a radiator to prevent the laser diode in the work temperature rise too high, so as to achieve a longer life.


6. Working at higher temperature will increase threshold current, lower conversion frequency and accelerate the aging of devices. When adjusting the light input, the light meter should be detected to avoid exceeding the large rated output.





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