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Laser podiatry is an exciting new technology . The laser podiatry is helping to treat fungal nail infections and warts that are hard to get rid of.

Most laser podiatry practices are focused on treating foot pain. This can happen because of inflammation caused by things like neuritis, plantar fasciitis, circulation problems, or diabetic pathology, to name a few.

By stimulating mitochondrial activity, photobiomodulation with a class IV laser has been shown to quickly reduce pain . The laser podiatry can help injured tissue move through the stages of healing. It is a powerful tool, which can be used as part of a full plan of care to help treat a wide range of conditions that are common in podiatry.

IN PRACTICE, laser podiatry is USED FOR:

Plantar fasciitis

Morton’s neuroma

Diabetes nerve damage

Pathology of the Achilles tendon

OA pain in the foot and ankle

Joint swelling

Pain when putting weight on

Laser Podiatry Associates knows that when your feet hurt, your whole body does, too. The pain in your feet and ankles is so bad that it makes you stop in your tracks. Our Drs. Kenneth J. Benjamin and Jennifer E. Mullendore use their more than 40 years of experience to give you the full foot and ankle care you need to get back on your feet and back to living your life.

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