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50W 100W Laser Pointers

There are lots of high power laser pointers labelled 50W , even 100W on aliexpress, you can also find many 50W laser pointers online.

But in fact, the output power of 50W is not the real output power. The most powerful laser pointers is about 5W or 5000mW. They’re not 50W or 50000 mW . Many sellers label a regular 50mW laser pointer to 50W, because many customers like high power lasers.

Check this 50000mw 520nm Gatling Burning High Power Green Laser pointer kits on laserpointerpro . It’s not 50W laser pointer.

This 50000mW World’s Strongest Handheld Laser Pointer Ultra Powerful Bright Blue Beam Light Flashlight from htpow . It’s not 50W laser pointer.