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NEJE 40W Laser Module Head

NEJE 40W Laser Module Head Kit 450nm TTL Module for CNC Laser Engraver

40W Feature

~ Designed for Laser Engraver, 3D printer, CNC mill, arduino project.

~ 15W Optical power output, 4mm plywood from 1 pass(speed 200), 3mm black acrylic board from 1 pass, Able to engrave stainless steel, but it needs good focus adjustment.

~ More Safety, Built-in protective glass to protect eyes! Even without wearing protective glasses, the operation is more comfortable.

~ More Quiet, Intelligent drive adjust the cooling fan speed according laser temperature.

~ Easy use, Digital PWM wave pulse signal generator adjustable frequency duty cycle board for neje laser module.

~ slidable mounting fixture is provided for easy adjustment of focus.