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Cutting Clear Acrylic with Diode Laser

How to cut clear acrylic with diode laser ? Some diode lasers have rich features that can help you to cut clear Acrylic (or transparent Acrylic ).

Acrylic sheet is used in everything from windows and wall partitions to lighting fixtures and canopies. Acrylic for Transportation Applications– Acrylic is used throughout the transportation industry in instrument panels, windows, windshields, and mirrors.

In laser engraving or laser cutting, powerful laser beams strike the surface of the material and increase its temperature in no time. Due to the sudden rise in temperature, the material changes to a gaseous state from solid. However, it depends on the type of material you are engraving and its boiling temperature.

Acrylic is a material that directly changes to the gaseous state from the solid when its temperature quickly reaches the boiling point. It is because the boiling point of acrylic is only 200°C. Laser engravers can quickly increase the temperature of acrylic, so the material from the surface evaporates and leaves a cavity or deep mark. This deep mark is known as engraving.